Because your time on the water is valuable.


Engineered from the inside out to deliver maximum performance and maximum value. You’ll feel every bite, bury every hook set and get the biggest fish into your boat. 

Rods you can brag about.

“Great rods from the man that brought you the original All-Star rods. They took me to the FLW All American and will serve you just as well!”


“I’ll take these rods any day of the week. I gave one to my dad with a reel on it and it was lighter than a competitors with rod only. The sensitivity of these rods are astounding. It’s really hard to hold any other rod but the best. McCain Hi-Performance Rods are the highest of standards.”


“I’ve fished Allstar rods for 20 plus years and loved them and now I have eight McCain rods and love them even more. Technique specific, great sensitivity yet they have a backbone to haul in the hogs. Can’t go wrong with these rods!”


“A little over two years ago I got my hands on my first McCain hi-performance rod (Broken Back Special) after a few casts I knew these were top-notch rods. I have since replaced all my rods with McCain (14 total so far). I fish predominately salt water for redfish and trout. I have NEVER had an issue with the rods.”



It takes both expertise and integrity to produce a high performance fishing rod.  Much of the important technology in a rod is not visible, so many rod companies cut corners in their products then mislead fishermen with exaggerated marketing claims.

McCain Hi Performance Graphite Rods are engineered from the inside out to deliver maximum performance and maximum value.


About MHP


Morgan McCain, the founder of All Star Graphite Rods and originator of technique specific actions, has a passion for building fishing rods of only the highest quality. 

McCain Hi Performance Graphite Rods are loaded with technology, but the meaningless frills found elsewhere have been omitted. Most rod companies have focused on style over substance in recent years, and Morgan has designed his line-up to reverse this trend. 




It takes a great blank to make a great rod. McCain Hi Performance Graphite blanks are constructed with American made carbon fiber prepreg that has a strong concentration of high modulus carbon fiber and a minimal amount of resin. This is very important because the carbon fiber is what provides the sensitivity and power to the blank, and while the resin is needed to hold the fibers in place, excess resin adds weight and reduces the performance of the blank. A fishing rod blank is made by wrapping carbon fiber fabric around a tapered steel rod, called a mandrel, and then curing it so the resin holds the carbon fiber in the long cone shape we recognize as a fishing rod. Our carbon fiber fabric is high tech, and so are our mandrels. They are small in diameter so they yield rod blanks that are small in diameter, and every transition point in the tapers is machined to a smooth curve. This means that McCain Hi Performance Graphite blanks have no hinge points – they are very smooth when they load up and they are very durable. You will feel the difference on every cast and every hook set.


There are companies that try to market (and mark up) their fishing rods by making extreme modulus claims. Think of modulus as the relative stiffness of the carbon fiber used to make a graphite rod. High modulus fiber is desirable because less of it can be used to achieve a given amount of backbone. Less fiber means a lighter overall rod, providing less fatigue for the fisherman and better sensitivity. However, extremely high modulus materials are too stiff to work in a fishing rod. They are brittle and do not stand up to the flexing needed for casts and hook sets. A little of this material will work in the handle area, but that’s all. Be wary of rod companies that make extreme claims about the modulus of their materials. There is no industry standard to compare materials and these claims are arbitrary.


McCain Hi Performance Graphite Rods actions are optimized for use with braid and other non-stretch lines. The ultra-smooth tapers accommodate the unyielding line and communicate every vibration and every bite back to the fisherman. Hook sets are rock solid and lightning fast, and the backbone is strong enough to turn a big fish and get it back to the boat. Every rod in the McCain Hi Performance Graphite Rod lineup is designed to be technique specific. The lengths and actions are dialed in to give you maximum performance. Whether you are punching mats, throwing deep diving crankbaits, or drop shotting in the clearest water, we’ve got you covered. We put a lot into our blank designs because we believe that Every Cast Counts.


McCain Hi Performance Graphite Rods feature high quality components that are tournament tested. We use Kigan 3-D Design zirconia ring guides with stainless steel frames that wrap around the ceramic rings to provide maximum durability. They are sensitive, attractive, and they are sized properly. You will make long casts and your leader knots will smoothly pass through these guides. We use Fuji exposed blank reel seats, premium cork handles, and Flex Coat hi-build epoxy finish. This is A-list componentry for a rod with no frill and no compromises.


McCain Hi Performance Graphite Rods are assembled with painstaking attention given to every detail. The blanks are straight, the guides are in line, and the Flex Coat is properly applied and crystal clear. A shim is required to fit the inside diameter of the reel seat to the tapered outside diameter of the blank. It is very common to find paper or cardboard shims in rods that are billed and priced as premium product. (Some even use masking tape!) Our reel seat shims are made of engineered urethane foam and they are precisely machined to create a solid, sensitive, and lasting connection to the rod. Similarly, every cork handle is machined to match the blank taper then glued in place with 3M epoxy. Look at the details of any McCain Hi Performance Graphite Rod and you will see that fit and finish matches the best in the industry. We cut no corners because Every Cast Counts.